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It’s winter, in November

Published Dec. 1, 2020, 7:05 p.m. by oasisparents

Snow, snow, snow! Today it snowed in Montreal; for me, it's not the best day. I'm not someone who likes snow. But hey I live in Canada, it's November, one should have expected that. Not having grown up here, I’m not very attracted to winter activities. Winter outings are a no-no!

However, when it comes to my son - he just loves snow. This morning when he saw the landscape completely covered in white, he got super excited. He screamed and jumped with joy! In my despair, I asked him to hide his happiness.

I later realized that I had the wrong reaction. Actually, it's not that dramatic. Yes, it’s cold, yes we need to clear snow, the electricity bill increases, the traffic is infernal and let's not talk about parking! But you have to get used to the idea that the snow is there for at least another 5 months and life must continue.

Moreover, dressing young children for going out is not a simple thing; they refuse to put on boots, mittens, snow pants, the hat and the neck warmer, it almost feels like strangulation. The worst thing is when you finally win the fight, satisfied that they are ready to go, and you hear the little voice: "Mom, I have to go to the bathroom". Start it all over again!

In order to get through this difficult period, I did some research to find activities that will make winter a little more pleasant. It will also be a continuous effort, because, as you have already guessed, winter is not my favourite season!


1- Let's start with my boy's and probably many other children’s suggestion number one: a snowman! Who doesn't know how to do it? Am I the only one? It is never too late to learn. Kids love making snowmen but the snow doesn’t always cooperate, you need the snow to be sticky enough for your child's masterpiece to hold. An alternative would therefore be to make snowmen out of play-dough. This way, your child will be able to enjoy his creation, play with it throughout the winter and even beyond.  


2- No sticky snow? No problem, the angels are there to give us a helping hand. Easy to make: you lie down in the snow and move your arms and legs in a back and forth motion to make the angel's dress and wings. Then it can be decorated with buttons, accessories etc. 


3- Snow removal, my favorite activity! No, not at all, but it can become quality time with the children. So buy them a small shovel or a brush, to help you clear the snow from your driveway or car. They will be happy to feel useful.

4- Sledding is an activity that kids adore. Getting pulled in a sled! If you have a dog, attach it to the sled during the ride, he will do the work for you and give the impression of a real sled ride.